Work Permit

Who is eligible?

Non- Nationals and other persons who are not citizens of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.


Who Applies?

Application MUST be made by the potential Employer, with one form to be completed by the potential Employee and another by the potential employer.



Application for a Work Permit can only be made for a specialized position while the Applicant resides outside of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. The position MUST first be advertised in media of Employer’s choosing, for three (3) consecutive weeks before application can be processed. Copies of advertisements along with a list of National applicants and reasons for the rejection, also MUST form part of the Application.


Documents Required

(All documents MUST be submitted in original or certified copy format)

Form (filled by Applicant)

Birth Certificate of Applicant


Police Certificate ( covering six month period from last place of residence)

Letter with offer of Employment


X ray of Chest

Mantoux for TB

FEE of EC$2,550.00 full year, EC$1,300.00 for half year and EC$50.00 upon approval for Work Permit I.D.


Status of application


If Application is denied, the Applicant may NOT enter the Federation to assume the position applied for.


Upon approval, the Applicant may enter the Federation to assume the position applied for.

If applicant requires a VISA to enter the Federation, his/her passport and relevant documents, including Work Permit Approval letter, MUST be submitted to the office for the Ministry of National Security for permission to enter the Federation.

Upon arrival into the Federation, Applicant MUST report to the office of the Ministry of National Security to process I.D. The following documents are to presented:

  • Letter of Approval
  • FEES: EC$ 2,550 for full year, EC$1,300 for half year for work permit and EC$50 for I.D.
  • D Form (filled by applicant)

I.D. is then created and delivered to Employee. I.D. MUST be renewed annually and is valid until the 31st December of each year.