Student VISA

Who is Eligible?

Non- Nationals who have been accepted to attend any education institute (other than primary and secondary schools) in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.


Application Process

  • Application MUST be accompanied by a Letter of Enrollment from the attending school.
  • Applicant MUST remain outside of the Federation until and if the Application is approved.

PROCESS DURATION: Two (2) months


Documents Required

(All documents Must be submitted in original or certified copy format) 


Birth Certificate


VDRL/RPR, Mantoux, Chest X-RAY

One (1) passport sized photograph

Police Record (from country of residence for previous 6 months)

Enrollment Letter from School’s Admissions Office

Valid return ticket to country of usual residence (for at least one year)

Bank Statement/Letter of Support

EC$400/US $150

Latest Immunization Records

Titer: ( if positive for rubella)


How to fill your application form

  • All fields on the Student Visa Application form MUST be completed by the applicant.
  • Student MUST present proof of ability to fund studies and maintain themselves while in the Federation, without seeking unlawful employment.
  • Student MUST present a valid return ticket or proof of a same, to return to their country of residence upon completion of period of study.
  • If the student is to be accompanied by a family member (eg. Spouse/partner, child/children, parent/guardian) a separate application must be made including all information relative to the application.
  • Please use additional sheet to answer any question where space provided is not sufficient.
  • Proof of funding to adequately cover period of study must be presented, along with bank statements, scholarship letter, government sponsorship or any other document for that purpose.
  • Exposure to any communicable diseases within three (3) months of the expected start of the study, period must be communicated in the application, including any treatment and/or cure of the disease.
  • FEES: Overseas applications must be paid for by money order only.