School Attendance Permit


Children who are born outside the Federation to nationals or to non- nationals, who have approved  legal status in the Federation, may apply for permission to attend any primary or secondary school  in St. Kitts and Nevis.



  1. Residence Status paperwork for non- national parents must be up to date with all applicable fees paid;
  2. Child MAY NOT attend school until application is approved and permission granted by the Ministry of Education;
  3. Child may ONLY be registered by parent or legal guardian;
    • If by guardian, a notarized letter (a court-issued document, not notarized letter) must signed by at least one parent, giving permission to the guardian to register the child/ward in school, MUST be submitted with the application. This legal document and a letter from the custodial parent explaining why a guardian is given permission to take the child overseas to attend school, must also be included, along with any documentation to support the claim.


Required Documents

(All Documents MUST be submitted in original or certified copy format)


Immunization Card

Birth Certificate or Passport

Two (2) passport sized photographs


Parent or Guardian

Birth Certificate

Passport /Evidence of Legal Status

FEE: EC$75.00


Duration – (Processing Time) 

Three (3) weeks