Temporary Residence

Temporary Residence is granted to spouses and minor children of Work Permit and Annual Resident holders.


Annual Residence

Annual Residence is granted to persons with three (3) years of Work Permit and the minor Children of permanent residents or persons who have become citizens under Section 90(f) of the Constitution.


Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence is granted to persons who have been resident in Saint Christopher and Nevis for at least seven (7) years or has three (3) years of Work Permits and own substantial assets in the Federation or persons who desire to reside in retirement in the Federation and have sufficient assets and means of support to maintain themselves and their dependents.


Documents Required

(All documents MUST be submitted in original or certified copy format)

For Annual Residence: No 1-9
For Temporary Residency: No 1-10
For Permanent Residence: No 1-15
*No 16 applies to ALL applicants*

Birth Certificate


Police Certificate or Affidavit

Marriage Certificate ( if applicable)

Divorce Certificate ( if applicable)

Birth Certificate of spouse

Birth Certificate of each unmarried child under 18 years

One (1) passport sized photograph

VDRL/RPR & Mantoux for Tuberculosis

Property Deed

Two references

Receipt of payment/ Mortgage Documents

Bank Statement

Photo of property

Application FEE: EC$200.00

Any other document (s) as may be required