Prevention and Abatement of the Misuse and Abuse of Drugs Act:

(1) The Council shall perform the following functions, that is to say,

(a) formulate policies and develop programmes intended to prevent or reduce drug abuse and to promote and encourage the implementation of those policies and programmes;

(b) promote and encourage the establishment of a system to coordinate the treatment and rehabilitation of drug abusers and the care of persons associated with drug abusers;

(c) give advice on the licensing and operation of premises used in connection with treatment and rehabilitation of drug abusers;

(d) advise the Minister and such persons, groups, organisations or bodies, on policies and programmes relating to the prevention of drug abuse, the treatment and rehabilitation of drug abusers and the care of connected persons;

(e) educate the public, particularly the youth, on the dangers of drug misuse and abuse, including but not limited to misuse and abuse of narcotics, alcohol, tobacco products, cannabis, and tranquillisers and other mind-altering substances, and to publicise those dangers;

(f) initiate, sponsor and support conferences, seminars and meetings related to drug abuse;

(g) promote and encourage the award of scholarships, and to award scholarships or other financial assistance to any person who wishes to pursue any basic or advanced course that is related to drug abuse;

(h) initiate, support and publish studies, reports and other documentation on drug abuse;

(i) establish, maintain and operate information systems and facilities, and encourage and support the exchange of information of all kinds in respect of policies, programmes and research, related to drug abuse;

(j) Promote and conduct research on drug abuse in Saint Christopher and Nevis, and develop and maintain a database of information on drig abuse;

(k) advise the Minister on the desirability and ethicality of all drugrelated research or drug-related information gathering exercises involving the citizenry of Saint Christopher and Nevis, which may be undertakend by governmental or non-governmental groups or individuals, and on behalf of the Minister to endorse or reject and such initiatives;

(l) monitor and keep under review the situation in Saint Christopher and Nevis with respect to drug which, in the opinion of the Council, are being or appear to be abused, which abuse is having or appears to be capable of having harmful effects;

(m) give to the Minister, where either the Minister so requests or the Council considersit expedient to do so, advice on measures which, in the opinion of the Council, ought to be taken in order to

(i) restrict the availability of drugs that are being abused,

(ii) supervise the arrangement and monitor the mechanisms relating to the supply of such drugs and

(iii) alleviate the conditions which lead to the demands for such drugs;

(n) undertake, subject to the approval of the Minister, measures which, in the opinion of the Council, ought to be taken to prevent the diversion or misuse of precursor chemicals for the manufacture of illicit;

(o) undertake, subject to the appraoval of the Minister, measures which, in the opinion of the Counsil, ought to be taken to prevent the abuse of drugs or to deal with any social problems connected with misuse of drug;

(p) advise the Minister on matters of law reform relating to drug abuse;

(q) ensure, in collaboration with the Customs, the Coast Guard, Police and like Government agencies, that the provisions of Conventions ratified and acceded to by the Government are complied with;

(r) promote co-operation between professional and community services which, in the opinion of the Council, may assist in dealing with social problems connected with the abuse of drugs;

(s) perform or carry out such acts as, in the opinion of the Council, are incidental to the proper control of the supply of and the demand for drugs;

(t) co-ordinate all government-funded or controlled substances abuse initiatives


The National Council on Drug Abuse Prevention Secretariat

The Council shall have a Secretariat which is responsible for the day to day management of the affairs of the Council and for the implementation of the policies and decisions of the Council, and carrying out, on behalf of the Council, such duties as the Council may assign to it.