1What is an extension of stay?
An extension of stay is additional time given to remain in the Federation beyond the original period allotted to the visitor upon arrival. As per the Legislation, visitors must depart St Kitts & Nevis before the expiry of their limit of stay given by the Immigration Official on his/her arrival. If there is a need to extend longer, visitors may make an extension of stay application within 14 days before their limit of stay expires. This applies to ALL persons from ALL countries who wish to spend more than the allotted time given upon arrival. An application is considered on its own merit.
2How long does the process take for an extension of stay and where do I apply?
Applications Forms can be collected at the Secretariat of the Ministry of National Security. Applications should generally be submitted in person and visas should be collected likewise. Applications will normally be reviewed within 5 – 7 business days. If approved, payment of fees should be made within 24 hours. IMPORTANT – Your passport must be valid and will remain valid for no less than six months after the duration of your stay.


1I am a citizen of a protocol Member State and I am planning a trip to another Member State. Do I need a Passport?
Yes, however, you have options. You may travel using a passport or any of the following valid identification cards are also accepted: - Drivers licence - National identification card - Voters registration card - Social security card
2Can I travel on a one-way ticket?
Yes. The requirement for a return ticket has been removed
3Do I need to prove I can financially support myself in country?
No, there are no requirements.
4How long will I be permitted to stay?
You will be granted entry into the country for an indefinite period. You will be given a stamp of OECS free movement indefinite stay’ that allows you to stay and transact your personal business.
5Can I be denied entry as an OECS citizen?
An OECS citizen will be denied entry in circumstances/cases where he or she poses a security risk.
6If I want to stay and work do, I need a work permit?
Citizens of Protocol Member States no longer require to obtain work permits to work in other Protocol Member States. However, it is a requirement that he/she registers at the Ministry of National Security. To register, a passport is needed, so that the requisite endorsement is placed in the passport.
7What rights do I have in a Member State if I decide to stay?
An OECS citizen, their spouse, children and dependents will be granted all rights contingent to the right to the freedom of movement that includes access to social systems, labour market schemes, health and education.


1How much does it cost for an entry visa?
The Fee of US $100 or EC $267.00 is payable to the Immigration Official upon arrival.
2Where can I apply?
The online application can be access via the link https://evisa.gov.kn/ng-kn-evisa/