Divisions & Units

List of divisions and their boundaries

The Federation of the St. Kitts-Nevis Fire and Rescue Services are divided into two (2) Division and each Division sub-divided into Zones, each controlled by one Fire Station.

  • BASSETERRE which shall include the sub-zone of the Fire Services of the Robert L. Bradshaw (RLB) International Airport with Basseterre been the Chief Zone- from Cayon in the East to Challengers in the West to include Frigate Bay, the South East Peninsular and St. Peters in the North.
  • SANDY POINT from Old Road in the East to Dieppe Bay in the North.
  • TABERNACLE from Brighton Estate in the South to Parsons Village in the North.
  • Vance Amory Fire Hall.
Units within the Organisation and their Functions

Provide knowledge and skills to recognize the presence of Hazardous Materials, Identify them and carry out initial actions to guarantee safety.

Training that provides familiarity with the general requirements of the Hazardous Material Regulations and enables the HazMat Technicians to recognize and identify Hazardous Materials

Training that covers the hazards presented by hazardous materials, safe handling, emergency response information, and methods and procedures for accident avoidance.

  • Render assistance in hazards such as; Floods, Fires, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Man-made Disasters such as terrorist attacks
  • Coordinate and mobilize a national response in a timely manner
  • To improve local capacity though training, to address terrestrial events requiring a SAR response
  • Develop policy, and Standing Operating Procedures, that will serve as a guideline for team members and for management of operations
  • Assist Police with location of missing persons
  • Provide life safety inspections. We are mandated by our Government to conduct inspections on every place of assembly. These assembly include, but are not limited to Schools, Hotels, Day-care, Hospitals and Sporting Facilities
  • Education of the general Public to the dangers of fires. Remember Fire can be a good servant but a bad Master.

This unit is available to present safety talks to civic groups, conduct fire extinguisher training and a variety of other methods of spreading the message of fire safety in our community.

To be directly responsible for the assignment and coordination of activities within the organization as it relates to the maintenance, repairs and upkeep of all Fire and Rescue Services facilities, vehicles and equipment.