About Us

The St. Kitts and Nevis Immigration Department deal with the control of people arriving and departing St Kitts & Nevis via its borders. We are responsible for checking the right of entry to the Federation of all individuals in a courteous and friendly manner arriving at both air and seaports, as well as examining documentation, gather intelligence, do case work and, where necessary, use legal powers to detain or remove illegal immigrants from the Federation in accordance with the Immigration Act.

Mission Statement

The Immigration Department is committed to providing an efficient and professional service to all persons arriving and departing ports. To prevent the illegal entry of persons: to liaise with local, Regional and International Agencies and to be seen to discharge our functions in a courteous and friendly manner.

Vision Statement

To establish a Trustworthy and Professional Immigration Department in St. Kitts and Nevis

Typical Work Activities

The work of an immigration officer can be varied and the specific duties of each day depend on the particular passengers travelling through the ports of entry.

Generally, duties include:

Examining passports and recognizing forged documentation – this requires excellent observational skills and an understanding of forgery techniques;

Conducting personal interviews with travelers – working through interpreters where necessary, and objectively evaluating the information presented;

Keeping up to date with changes in legislation and current affairs;

Applying immigration legislation, rules and policy;

Communicating with various agencies, including intelligence units, the police, customs etc.;

Carrying out intelligence-based activities and using knowledge of national and international intelligence;

Undertaking, with police assistance, immigration visits to identify people with no authority to remain in the Federation;

Deciding on the entry rights of individuals and, where applicable, refusing entry;

Deciding on whether individuals who have been refused entry may be placed on the watch list or sent to other intelligence units locally, regionally or internationally;

Making arrangements for the removal of those who have entered or attempted to enter the Federation in breach of immigration law;

Writing and presenting reports